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Chaos Theory: Street Cypher 3​.​0

by VerseBorn

Chaos Theory 01:50
If you apply mathmatics to my discipline Than you could probably calculate my intended spins Times that by how many times that i have sinned Sensative to initial conditions this system gives My biology stifles thoughts on psychology Imagine what i manifest In your mind now IM-A-Gee Until the final DING Imagine what the homage brings Honestly ill be hovering beyond the farthest reach Unpredictable Higher than a stars beam Digitally transform enough to make a star scream Im Hot on point -Sharp eSteam Since the beginning been winning - Charlie Sheen Observe my behavior in nature i thank ya Think i dont deserve what im taking? i'll probably shank ya For acting like a snapping crab i'll probably tank ya For sturring dots on my recurring plots i'll probably phase ya This is just the beginnig of my parables You have now been forwarned like a pair of bulls Allow me to be cordial while inviting you To the Chaos we're All Living through.
The Sauce 02:52
Hook: Broken dreams like a soiled cloth that heats the scence Til you see the steam rise like a boiled broth every decadant quote can make a heckler choke shorten his rope quicker than hickory smoke Bishop had the juice VerseBorn got the sauce Bishop had the juice VerseBorn got the sauce Bishop had the juice VerseBorn got the sauce You take it how you want Go and chalk it as a loss === V1: Im the chef in my own kitchen at the table like a thrown sitting Holding up cold-cutts on a bone mission Flow mixing - 3 years gold spitting Been tryna corn feed these ears That wont listen Everyday a new recipe Gotta make it work Before they get the best of me I tie the apron first Hate can be the death of me But aint gon make it worse main course divorce with life eating anguish for desert See the problem is When it comes to politics Y'all don't give a shit You would rather live convinced That the bullshit they Selling is truth you Inhaling on the spoof And they caught yo ass aloof So I'm baking loafs In hopes the Feds Dont chokehold The bread instead They spread around ground beef im building up a fence to keep that shit from round me === v2: Marinating in a pushy life every night people waiting for something more than kutchers wife Everybody wants a cushy slice of the pie then realize fate aint no rookie jooking a butcher knife Creoles so close to Cajin feeling like im in a gumbo pot next to crawfish crab and fake shrimp At the stove tryna bake shit tie the pan to a space ship gauranteed to make my cake flip Its bad news for dudes in rags who Claim and bang played out phillies Like a bad do i smash crews that brag to let a shell loose cook ya pasta and spill Ya ragu Stained the game i aint leaving like a tattoo i make em sick when i spit like eating on bad food embelish a hellish life with the facts true I got the sauce if bisop had the juice i got that too
Back At It 02:05
=== Hook: Im back at it like a craftmatic crash landed And Im stranded on this god dam wack planet We back at it KQ cant stop (no) We back at it KQ cant stop (no) We back at it KQ cant stop (no) Headed to top reinventing the flow (OH) Im back at it like a craftmatic crash landed And Im stranded on this god dam wack planet We back at it KQ cant stop (no) We back at it KQ cant stop (no) We back at it KQ cant stop (no) Headed to top reinventing the flow (OH) === V1: Since back in the day ive been know to flow the nicest skills have been shown across Edison's devices In the dark with no need to write shit A lighbulb went off when i knew that i was priceless Nowadays niggas Anxious for a cell Wana make a hit Hit me on my Xander gram bell Roaming charges feel Heavy as an anvil Coming outta pocket When paying the dam bill Gotta keep ya game On the charger Gainin butter off peanuts Like my name George Carver I'm tryna ball like Antonio Tarver You gotta grind to shine So I hustle on harder It's hard gettin woman Out they levis quickly Thank god for cotton Mr. Eli Whitney VerseBorn ain't no Feline pip-squeak Even jock gusto Could get this deep I'm know to make the shorties Want to groove all night I'm wit her she a Gutenberg The moveable type Wit lyricism I get Em With every line You can listen with your mind Don't need to read what I write Pay attention how The flow got Em all scared Pointing out plots on my radar No John Baird I rep for my fam until We all there While they hating on us Something Like an uncle Tom squared Told mami she can slide But her friends can't Only if she down to Fly a kite no Ben Frank Every c-note played Returns the big cake Let your friends face the music While you take it to the bank I bless the stage with A paid tour Even pusha-t models me Like H-Ford Top 5 in the limelight I change 4 VerseBorn is back at it What you think they paid for
Hook: Driving by in the passenger side I'm am lit I am high ain't no askin me why I'm riding shotgun In a rolling whip (rolling whip) Just for fun, ask me who I'm rolling wit (who nigga?) Driving by in the passenger side I'm am lit I am high ain't no askin me why I'm riding shotgun In a rolling whip (rolling whip) Just for fun, ask me who I'm rolling wit (who nigga?) === v1: Bunny and magician Rollin doteys the mission Nothing up my sleeve But a fat sack of some green shit Kickin it like chopsticks On the weekend Like we twins Similar to front teeth Or knees bent My crews locked we Move the room Like moon rocks Plus we Ong Bok on Roody-Poos who um-bop Hot news until sunspots Do not spew Into the direction Of optical views (Stop) Pusha mind back From the topics we choose Blow ya contact Out they socks and they shoes Boots laced every Combat is rude No surprise they Attacking every comment he choose Fame costs an arm And a leg no hands out Make you a name Bake bread spread Grands out The only sea serpent Wetting land mouths Gaze at the wave Verse has always Been a standout === v2: Mad martigan and williow No smith still a hero In lines spittin heat off The mind - No Deniro They don't recognize The whip & they still don't This steeltoe Ill flow Covered - No pillow I suture those who flow wack Butcher those with no caps comes to rhyme I birth a line with ruler And a protract Those who hold the throne old as Mitchell & Ness throbaks I flow better with no ledger Y'all some jokers on ya own crack I reside beyond where Hecklers talk In the streets eating beef raw No pepper or salt I make a living writing dead But I'm happily on While haters seeing white and red Like peppermint stalks Am to the Pm Whip smash thru the lights While looking for a place We can crash for the night Got the shit tied to An albatross thigh So when it lift ima flip Out the passenger side Like-
Do you see a man That's confident That you gone ride ride or die No matter the consequence I'm convinced in this Hallow life behind a fence But to my defense I Realize what blinder is You ain't that I stepped back Had to put An ace on it mistakes running like Grey pupon on a steak blunted Aims plummet way Down to pained stomachs Change nothing then hate Invades ya veins thumping (switch) This time I think you'll see Exactly how I feel - (Take a look at me) X2 (switch) I ain't bluffing Bass pumpin Keep looking cuz In Between us steady baking and cooking up Is somthng (switch) Undefinable Words are unreliable When searching for a line to pull like a Parachute in your Apparent view A pair is two so every stare Is a mare reflect of "who?" v2: I took a step back Thought it was a setback Then I had to realize that My ass was on the wrong path* I'm on my get back Ima bout to get that When I say get that I mean more than raw cash* We living in the end age The last chapter ass backwards Where banana clips Can flip apes* That's why I spit 8s While I twist 8ths* Me and a page can't separate Until a pen breaks* Revamp the mind of my generation Where The limitation is death From mime imitations Feverish drought (ouch)with Less irrigation To water the flesh of Where ya spirit is placed in* Niggas buggin out Over anything The kit and kaboodle Hitting a noodle Made of silly string Karma brings the remedy for The silly things Hater-aide ain't part of my seed Like Billy Jean
Character 03:24
=== Hook: Character on the strip no comic nothing like a shooting star something like a comet The way i way i move hafta dust my shoulders (OFF) I leave em black and blue and read all over (BOSS) === V1: Im beyond what they set me on different conditions than al simmins yet a vicious spawn Back at it like a bad habit - you can stop like the plot of Rin Tin and Cap Haddock no better contender for american splender Hate rests with the depressed No Harvey Pekar i found a loophole i had to stretch wider for that cake im up late like apollo & the midnighter Bunnys flock to the table when - a flick of the honey pot is the money shot no Jameson My tounge is a weapon shootin a lead full Taking checks for placing bets thats a deadpool Quit kidding me while you pretend be the StormWatch a bunch of bitches with electricity - like Jenny Sparks no enigma i smash natural coi with the sigma of tenma higher than astro boy === V2: where i strive aint for the faint of pillars aint familiar to preach to the saint of Killers Most people need to calm down warden im getting green of any scheme no hal jordan Many livin hallow til a shot fill em im protecting a precisous life like scott pilgrim Break locks like a ruger - no freeon Rollin with the pilot of the futeure - no Mekon When im doin shows leavin is the hard part ive got the artisanship of Cerberus the Aardvark secretary state of hip hop no chertoff in a bind where most fly blind as Matt Murdock Haters form the crust of the pie in 8 waves Quick to silencer night no agent Graves im intended to sell boy Cuz none come hotta while you headed for hell boy Like Anung Un Rama
Cut You Down 01:24
On them streets Them niggas done popped women and children Done got ppl to feel Em That ain't hood Spend a living on Jordans and tims chillin them 40s and rims spinnin But really that ain't hood Hood is tryna Sleep but you can't Cuz aks spraying at Ya window panes like (brrrrraaaat) Hood is tryna Eat but you can't But the big names feasting Like payday came right (what!?) I am on another level (level) So while you sell ya soul To the devil I'll supply the shovel (Hello!) Welcome to an episode Of realness Since Johnny did it on em I been wantin to kill this Feel this like Braille Mixed with a steel grip Art not miss the point (like) arch Shots when ya wrist slips (Brick!) Defining logic on some real shit Plus I find it ironic how we in Hell But we still live Many fragile pockets Yet we still give Our two cents like crew ship Full of brilliance So while you busy Tryna stack ya millions I'll be caked up With faith so resilient All you Liars and snakes (Had to cut you down) Gangstas and fakes (had to cut you down) If you glorifying hate (Had to cut you down) When my people at steak (Have to cut you down)
Exercise 05:12
This right here's an exercise Of skill - here me out For real - I be at the top of Buildings tryna kill the clouds Yet still I remain Half empty with intent to fill The deadly hallows that be hard To swallow - no jagged pill This right here's an exercise Of talent - fiendish tryna push Me but retain my balance It's simply just a challenge And trust me you Ain't ready for no war Stick to acting - your rapping Deserves academy awards For tryna battle me you'll Get plauged with casualties for sure Emplore your cavilry they will meet The exact fate as yours Fuck a strap buckle back This nigga laced with swords While you stuck inside a trap And hustle crack to make the morgue A more suitable rudimentary Figure for the four Horse-men of the Apocalypse I'm sure Flow under-cooked its understood Like sushi rolls he Rollin raw Holdin ya ransom in palm of hand Like a bowling ball Chosen call to script the Scripted living most involved in sinnin Where revolvers spinni send Em To golden walls where all was written No docs prescription could Satisfy your need for omixicilin Flowing so I'll off the top that You may need to chill in Gots ta feel Em like god put him In front to obstruct your vision The plots fruition consists of Deconstructing any competition HAHAHA


The 3rd and final installment in the STREET CYPHER trilogy brought to you by the lyrical samurai - VerseBorn.


released June 28, 2011


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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