Here is the title track off of the brand new “Chaos Theory” mixtape brought to you by VerseBorn. This project is the third installment of VerseBorn’s ever potent STREET CYPHER series and it proves once again that this lyrical samauri knows no limits. The epic opening track starts off with a low ominous tone that breaks into triumphant galleys as VerseBorn slices through the sound waves with his spectacular vernacular ability that will leave most wanting more… and to satify those mesmerized in longing – there are 9 more tracks included in this project that are sure to stir up a bit of “Chaos” in YOUR life as well.


If you apply mathmatics

to my discipline

Than you could probably

calculate my intended spins

Times that by how many

times that i have sinned

Sensative to initial

conditions this system gives

My biology stifles

thoughts on psychology

Imagine what i manifest

In your mind now IM-A-Gee

Until the final DING

Imagine what the homage brings

Honestly ill be hovering

beyond the farthest reach


Higher than a stars beam

Digitally transform enough

to make a star scream

Im Hot on point

-Sharp eSteam

Since the beginning been winning

- Charlie Sheen

Observe my behavior in nature

i thank ya

Think i dont deserve what im taking?

i'll probably shank ya

For acting like a snapping crab

i'll probably tank ya

For sturring dots on my recurring plots

i'll probably phase ya

This is just the beginnig

of my parables

You have now been forwarned

like a pair of bulls

Allow me to be cordial

while inviting you

To the Chaos we're

All Living through.


from Chaos Theory: Street Cypher 3​.​0, released June 28, 2011




@KonQuestNow San Francisco, California

Remnants of the golden era, KonQuest Now is an independent music collective delivering substantial media to the masses.

Stay Woke.

- Little Freddie
- VerseBorn
- Enyway
- Johny G
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