Character on the strip

no comic

nothing like a shooting star

something like a comet

The way i way i move

hafta dust my shoulders


I leave em black and blue

and read all over




Im beyond what they

set me on different conditions than al simmins

yet a vicious spawn

Back at it like a bad

habit - you can stop

like the plot of Rin Tin

and Cap Haddock

no better contender

for american splender

Hate rests with the depressed

No Harvey Pekar

i found a loophole

i had to stretch wider

for that cake im up late

like apollo & the midnighter

Bunnys flock to the

table when - a flick of the honey pot is the money shot

no Jameson

My tounge is a weapon

shootin a lead full

Taking checks for placing bets

thats a deadpool

Quit kidding me while you

pretend be the StormWatch

a bunch of bitches with

electricity - like Jenny Sparks

no enigma

i smash natural coi

with the sigma of tenma

higher than astro boy



where i strive aint

for the faint of pillars

aint familiar to preach

to the saint of Killers

Most people need to

calm down warden

im getting green of any scheme

no hal jordan

Many livin hallow til

a shot fill em

im protecting a precisous life

like scott pilgrim

Break locks like

a ruger - no freeon

Rollin with the pilot of

the futeure - no Mekon

When im doin shows

leavin is the hard part

ive got the artisanship

of Cerberus the Aardvark

secretary state of hip hop

no chertoff

in a bind where most fly blind

as Matt Murdock

Haters form the crust of the pie

in 8 waves

Quick to silencer night

no agent Graves

im intended to sell boy

Cuz none come hotta

while you headed for hell boy

Like Anung Un Rama


from Chaos Theory: Street Cypher 3​.​0, released June 28, 2011




@KonQuestNow San Francisco, California

Remnants of the golden era, KonQuest Now is an independent music collective delivering substantial media to the masses.

Stay Woke.

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