On them streets

Them niggas done
popped women and children
Done got ppl to feel Em
That ain't hood

Spend a living on
Jordans and tims chillin
them 40s and rims spinnin
But really that ain't hood

Hood is tryna
Sleep but you can't
Cuz aks spraying at
Ya window panes like (brrrrraaaat)

Hood is tryna
Eat but you can't
But the big names feasting
Like payday came right (what!?)

I am on another level (level)
So while you sell ya soul
To the devil
I'll supply the shovel (Hello!)

Welcome to an episode
Of realness
Since Johnny did it on em
I been wantin to kill this

Feel this like Braille
Mixed with a steel grip
Art not miss the point (like) arch
Shots when ya wrist slips (Brick!)

Defining logic on some real shit
Plus I find it ironic
how we in Hell
But we still live

Many fragile pockets
Yet we still give
Our two cents like crew ship
Full of brilliance

So while you busy
Tryna stack ya millions
I'll be caked up
With faith so resilient

All you Liars and snakes
(Had to cut you down)
Gangstas and fakes
(had to cut you down)

If you glorifying hate
(Had to cut you down)
When my people at steak
(Have to cut you down)


from Chaos Theory: Street Cypher 3​.​0, released June 28, 2011




@KonQuestNow San Francisco, California

Remnants of the golden era, KonQuest Now is an independent music collective delivering substantial media to the masses.

Stay Woke.

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