This right here's an exercise
Of skill - here me out
For real - I be at the top of
Buildings tryna kill the clouds

Yet still I remain
Half empty with intent to fill
The deadly hallows that be hard
To swallow - no jagged pill

This right here's an exercise
Of talent - fiendish tryna push
Me but retain my balance
It's simply just a challenge

And trust me you
Ain't ready for no war
Stick to acting - your rapping
Deserves academy awards

For tryna battle me you'll
Get plauged with casualties for sure
Emplore your cavilry they will meet
The exact fate as yours

Fuck a strap buckle back
This nigga laced with swords
While you stuck inside a trap
And hustle crack to make the morgue

A more suitable rudimentary
Figure for the four
Horse-men of the
Apocalypse I'm sure

Flow under-cooked its understood
Like sushi rolls he Rollin raw
Holdin ya ransom in palm of hand
Like a bowling ball

Chosen call to script the
Scripted living most involved in sinnin
Where revolvers spinni send Em
To golden walls where all was written

No docs prescription could
Satisfy your need for omixicilin
Flowing so I'll off the top that
You may need to chill in

Gots ta feel Em like god put him
In front to obstruct your vision
The plots fruition consists of
Deconstructing any competition



from Chaos Theory: Street Cypher 3​.​0, released June 28, 2011




@KonQuestNow San Francisco, California

Remnants of the golden era, KonQuest Now is an independent music collective delivering substantial media to the masses.

Stay Woke.

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