Broken dreams like a soiled cloth

that heats the scence

Til you see the steam

rise like a boiled broth

every decadant quote

can make a heckler choke

shorten his rope quicker

than hickory smoke

Bishop had the juice

VerseBorn got the sauce

Bishop had the juice

VerseBorn got the sauce

Bishop had the juice

VerseBorn got the sauce

You take it how you want

Go and chalk it as a loss



Im the chef in my own kitchen

at the table like a thrown sitting

Holding up cold-cutts

on a bone mission

Flow mixing - 3 years

gold spitting

Been tryna corn feed these

ears That wont listen

Everyday a new recipe

Gotta make it work

Before they get the best of me

I tie the apron first

Hate can be the death of me

But aint gon make it worse

main course divorce with life

eating anguish for desert

See the problem is

When it comes to politics

Y'all don't give a shit

You would rather live convinced

That the bullshit they

Selling is truth you

Inhaling on the spoof

And they caught yo ass aloof

So I'm baking loafs

In hopes the Feds

Dont chokehold

The bread instead

They spread around

ground beef im building

up a fence to keep that

shit from round me



Marinating in a pushy life

every night people waiting

for something more

than kutchers wife

Everybody wants a cushy slice

of the pie then realize

fate aint no rookie jooking

a butcher knife

Creoles so close to Cajin

feeling like im in a

gumbo pot next to crawfish crab

and fake shrimp

At the stove tryna bake shit

tie the pan to a space ship

gauranteed to make

my cake flip

Its bad news for dudes

in rags who Claim and

bang played out phillies

Like a bad do

i smash crews that brag to

let a shell loose

cook ya pasta and

spill Ya ragu

Stained the game

i aint leaving like a tattoo

i make em sick when i spit

like eating on bad food

embelish a hellish life

with the facts true

I got the sauce if bisop had

the juice i got that too


from Chaos Theory: Street Cypher 3​.​0, released June 28, 2011




@KonQuestNow San Francisco, California

Remnants of the golden era, KonQuest Now is an independent music collective delivering substantial media to the masses.

Stay Woke.

- Little Freddie
- VerseBorn
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- Johny G
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